Breakthrough [Berlin] Preparing the event

I have been invited to participate in the Breakthrough event that the people at xxxxx_micro_research are organising this June in Berlin – three preparatory days of workshops, lectures and performances leading up to a final rupture with scientific rationalism and our understanding of reality.

Picture 1

Feeling like I can’t arrive with empty hands I start scrutinising the press release in search for key words. Little by little absolute obscurity gives way to a growing crowd of ephemeral glimpses… little capsules, small resonators of ideas… fireflies, bugs of the peripheries…

I read,

The term breakthrough describes a sudden shift in understanding our technologies, and, finally, a clearing (Lichtung), an entry into unknown and unmapped territories.


Entry points! Leaks among peripheral worlds. What resides in a different dimension and has remained invisible to our perception, now exceeds itself, crosses a threshold, pours inside my reality. Creating a Lichtung… Interesting! Opening up channels for communication, putting peripheral worlds in touch, shifting dimensions.

I read,

Communication is thus implied, a new form of exchange, perhaps between two otherwise unconnected domains, between the living and the dead, between many worlds.

Words ignite my brain. To connect worlds has been on my agenda for a while now. I have described fictions as capsules trafficking between different planes of reality, acting as catalysts for mutation, creating channels for other entities to come and visit. At this point I am unsure whether we need to differentiate between planes, temporalities, parallel worlds… For the moment I am mixing them all up. I talk about peripheries, future entities, virtual entities… I will need to tidy up at some point, these are just a few wild words by a passionate little girl.

I read,

Breakthrough, as event, signals a change in direction, a pointing towards new ways of actively describing and creating the world.

Re-write as you please ;) Schizo-map! Participate in the emergence of reality by radically speculating on what that might mean. At every attempt of description it emerges in a different shade. It always escapes us, yet it is always there. As usual I fear that the words are always grandiose but the actions are small. I wonder how we will break through. I presume that even if we do, it won’t feel as big.


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    Olga carries practical and theoretical research in the field of media arts. She works as a co-editor with while she pursues a practice-based PhD at Goldsmiths. Her research project looks into assemblages of sunlight, human bodies and machines. She is particularly interested on subtle modes of communication across bodies of radically different nature. She looks at the ways in which electronic circuits, computational systems, endocrine processes and neurological happenings intermingle. The tools she develops are speculations about the undercurrents of body communication.
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