Breakthrough D1

I made my way to the xxxxx studio that is located in Linienstrasse, in East Berlin. I met Martin and Katier and waited for everyone else to arrive. Now siting around a table crowded with electronic components, network cables, power cables, cds, floppy disks and small transmitters I thought I’d give a first update.

Table Panoramic blog

Two days left of preparation for the final Breakthrough. And what are we gonna do? For the moment they have been working on the streaming to have all the nodes (different locations) connected via radio and obviously via internet. Now these nodes have to be filled with activity! On that everyone seems to be working independently. My plan is to manufacture leaks. Leaks as in entry points for different worlds to pour inside our reality. Open up channels.

How? There are different possibilities. I thought of having some virtual fireflies making their way into actuality. Virtual fireflies are those magic creatures transmuting fear into a luminous caravan, beautiful mini-warriors igniting desire. The production of them is what’s driving me crazy. Once I thought of LED throwies. It would be an option. But then I thought that through electronic media they can appear more captivating. Use cinematic strategies (or maybe radiophonic). Interfere the normal streaming with luminous disruptions. The problem is the streaming as a far as I know are going to be sound only.


Possibilities for virtual fireflies.

1. A LIGHT INSTALLATION. Install LEDs on a tree. Maybe connected to sound. I’d need to collaborate with someone with that. Maybe using PD we can ignite the fireflies. This option would be accompanied with a hoax: our group of experts has informed us that virtual fireflies will be visible on Saturday 27 at this location, don’t miss the opportunity to see them.

2. USE THE STREAMING SYSTEM. Two options here.
2.1. Either something like ‘The War of the Worlds’, reporting from one location the appearance of the fireflies.
2.2. The fireflies are perceivable only through the transmission that this location is doing. On the location they are not perceivable (but they are present). Through the streaming they find expression, their vibration interferes with the radio signal or something similar.

Other possibilities of leaks.

1. Video Files Rioting. I would really like to do this intervention again.
2. Sores or other sorts of entry points.
3. An entry point can be seen also as a receiver. Speaking to Verena she suggested sound receivers. Sound receivers for parallel worlds sounds interesting. But how to tight it to our reality and not to make it a complete attachment.

In fact the locations are already parallel worlds. Maybe simply adding another one… One that cannot be visited…

Three steps then:

1. Manufacture a world
2. Place entry points
3. Let it leak

One Response to “Breakthrough D1”
  1. Panconsobrasada says:

    Good luck!!
    It looks like you’re going on a great journey, what an adventure!
    I’ll watch out for the entry points and the mini-troops here in Mallorca.
    It’s been a great surprise to find U.
    sSaludos desde Mallorca,
    ps: ungravitional, great! I like the photos.

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