Light Log Test

Finally the wearable light sensor with the SD card is ready. I did a test today for one hour. The values are represented in the graph above. I took 360 measurements (one every 10 sec). The first bit is at my place. When I’m in front of the window it’s quite bright, when I go down the stairs it gets dark. I was getting ready to leave hence the ups and downs :) Then I left and took the bus to Sotiris’ place. That is the brighter bit. The measurements drop when I get inside their building, going up the stairs in almost absolute darkness. Then at their place it felt measurements are quite low although it was fairly luminous… Clearly not as much as in my room.


Airplot - i am an owner


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    Olga carries practical and theoretical research in the field of media arts. She works as a co-editor with while she pursues a practice-based PhD at Goldsmiths. Her research project looks into assemblages of sunlight, human bodies and machines. She is particularly interested on subtle modes of communication across bodies of radically different nature. She looks at the ways in which electronic circuits, computational systems, endocrine processes and neurological happenings intermingle. The tools she develops are speculations about the undercurrents of body communication.
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