Resources on Wearables

I found this wonderful blog about all sorts of materials to build wearable prototypes. They have extensive lists of resources for Conductive Fabrics, Conductive Thread, Velcros, Gels, Foams… The blog is How to Get What you Want []

Custom Plugs

One thing to think about is the building of custom plugs so the circuit is as flexible as possible. The problem I have with my prototype is 1) that it needs quite a few connections and 2) that the sensors (LDRs) need to go outside the clothes and the actuators (motors) need to be attached to the skin. So basically we will need something connecting these two bits of the circuit.

This image is from How to Get What you Want. Here are some very good ideas for pluggable connections:

Some other interesting components:
– Solderable soft perfboard:,103&product_id=80
– Glow in the dark thread:

Providers in Europe:
– Plug and Wear (Italy):
– Mindsets (UK):


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