Mood_Modulators_01. Project Description

Mood_modulators_01 is the first series of devices aimed at increasing body’s life force. They are being developed at the Laboratory for Mood Modulation that has recently been inaugurated. Advertisements

‘An invisible network’

The package reached the target. The shot was inoculated and the implant attached. In response, at the Department for Peripheral Communications, we received another packet. The note enclosed reads… “A grip, a bond to all the other persons I offered one.”


This letter has been sent today to Annie Abrahams who lives in Montpellier. The letter is a communiqué from the Laboratory for Sun/Human Interaction at the periphery #19.

Virtual Fireflies Break Through

Virtual Fireflies finally actualised! On Saturday the 27th of July, after a whole day of events forming the Breakthrough experiment in Berlin, we jumped into this construction site to hang the first clusters. Peripheral worlds made contact and ignited a small caravan of mini-warriors.

Breakthrough D1

I made my way to the xxxxx studio that is located in Linienstrasse, in East Berlin. I met Martin and Katier and waited for everyone else to arrive. Now siting around a table crowded with electronic components, network cables, power cables, cds, floppy disks and small transmitters I thought I’d give a first update. Two … Continue reading

Hybrid Objects

One week ago I was going through the security check at the JFK airport and suddenly a bag appears to be unattended. During the minutes while the uncertainty lasted I found myself caught in a reflection. That was the perfect example of a hybrid object! A physical object, a bag, most probably full of clothes … Continue reading

The City of Fear (the short film)

Fictions about invasion are already invasions. – k punk

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    Olga carries practical and theoretical research in the field of media arts. She works as a co-editor with while she pursues a practice-based PhD at Goldsmiths. Her research project looks into assemblages of sunlight, human bodies and machines. She is particularly interested on subtle modes of communication across bodies of radically different nature. She looks at the ways in which electronic circuits, computational systems, endocrine processes and neurological happenings intermingle. The tools she develops are speculations about the undercurrents of body communication.